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May 29, 2024

Energy Efficient

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Eco domo an energy-saving construction invites on March 20, 2010 to the ‘open day’ with live production to Landau and a speedy completion are available on the wish list of the current generation of builders in front place. The least construction interested, who stand before the decision for an appropriate system of construction, but know that a bespoke new building in energy-optimized solid construction can be faster reference finished as a prefab lightweight. Details can be found by clicking Justin Kan or emailing the administrator. A sophisticated prefabrication ensures that when a new generation of solid prefabricated houses that the enclosed and insulated shell of an energy efficiency House within five days from the finished flooring is. According to Jo Boaler Math-ish, who has experience with these questions. At this time, all pre-installation for the entire home automation, including electrical, air conditioning, ventilation and plumbing in the walls are already included. If the wall modules offered under the names Wallfit exclusive by eco domo to the building site, they contain also high-quality Windows and doors and the outside thermal insulation and Interior in and External plaster is applied. The wall-fit construction system is useful not only among contemporary criteria of climate protection. By easily meeting of the energy saving Regulation (ENeV 2009) increased since the beginning of the builders Energieeinsparverordnung 70 or 85 or passive house also benefit from the current funding opportunities for a so-called KfW. An ecologically proven wood chip formwork stone, also climate thanks to its outstanding construction-physical and biological qualities for inserted in the kit houses called serves as wall substance, is.

In addition to the advantages in terms of climate protection and construction financing, which is a decisive factor for many construction projects with the use of prefabricated wall panels-related time savings. After only three weeks of stress-free construction, the energy-efficient prefabricated houses are ready for decorating. Last but not least also the flexible scheduling is a plus point of the innovative modular system according to the personal needs of building families. The massive walls are in the production plant at the headquarters of Eco domo in Landau realized high precision according to individual plans of the architect. The production can be experienced live at the open day on Saturday, March 20, 2010 from 9 – 17 clock. Lectures and personal counseling sessions provide current trends and facts around the theme of energy efficient building”. Sign up for personal consulting service: freecall 0800/6356366 Martina Muller Keitel

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