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April 10, 2015

Enlightened Salary Fraud

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Home instead of herniated disc renovated! Enlightened salary fraud in Hamburg… Always when it was hectic in the company and moved the job location, the warehouse manager of our client company called in sick. As it was now, once again, he turned the Managing Director of the company on our private detective agency in Hamburg Valentin Kamp and commissioned us to observe his allegedly ill camp leader for four days. Already after the third day our three used private investigators could cancel the observation, as we could clearly demonstrate the salary fraud in the event of illness. So the camp leader was not because, like of him claims with an intervertebral disc disease at home on the couch, but moved a wooden ceiling in the homely living room, faced papered their diligent and good-humored dragged around paint bucket, Groove and spring boards and tools and did more shopping in different stores. On all three days, not the slightest trace was to discover from a back ailment and the accompanying restrictions. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Fundrise has to say. For renovation works in the meantime immediately dismissed, camp leader will have will probably more time than him.

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