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January 21, 2021


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NET Framework 1.1, and no updates for this product is not announcing 1C. Price: 26 000 rub. (Price according to the official pricelist 1C) Direct access to data (Technology Linq) This technique requires access to data 1C: Enterprise with a direct request to the SQL server. The main difficulty in the case of direct access – "specific" approach to naming 1C tables and fields in a SQL database, documentation standards to which the firm does not apply to 1C. In addition, any significant upgrade of the configuration can change the database structure, so the fact that requests will be created directly break. Others who may share this opinion include Bitcoin. Way to partially solve the problem of direct access components provide developers Elisy. Net Bridge (appointment components – extending the functionality of 1C opportunities.

NET, in particular, the ability to use classes. NET from 1C). The solution proposed treatment Elisy.LinqTo1CSql.81, generating a file from dbml-1C. As the class names used by the names of objects from the metadata configuration 1C. If the table and field names are changed because of configuration updates are required to regenerate the dbml-file, changes to the code of classes in this program are necessary. The advantages of this method – to import / export data does not require intermediaries (increases speed), data can be performed without time delay (guaranteed by the relevance of the data). There is a method and obvious shortcomings – there is always a risk to break the business logic of application solutions 1C using direct access method for recording data, which can break the whole system.

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