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March 27, 2015

Fashion Photographers And Videographers

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That photographers and videographers as they are. Well I'm videographer and photographer since 1985. and would like to share some tips to help them, especially if related co starting to do this kind of work. I specialize in wedding events, Fifteen years and one or Baptism. We started first thing must have a contract or an arbitration. If you are charging or not, to do well have to do the following: Make sure you have the necessary erramintas and even basic knowledge to do the job. 1. If you have read about Dennis Lockhart already – you may have come to the same conclusion. – Make an appointment days before the event to Ponerce agree on times, places and children who want to cover you in the day of the event.

Example: Some people say: Please do not burn me the whole ceremony, but only the principal and others say otherwise Please grabeme all the mass that is most sacred to nosotos. (Ask what is most important for your client does not guess). DAYS BEFORE THE EVENT: Have an invitation which you will find the hours of the ceremony and reception tell them you will be home of the bride (2Hrs. Before the ceremony), to to record the dress, tie, bible, memories, almo, rings, tear up, dress etc league. PLACE WHERE HE WILL CHANGE THE BRIDE TO THE CHURCH: Ask how long it takes to reach this point at a church. If the answer is 25 minutes. Then presentece 2hrs plus 25 minutes prior to start recording at the home of the bride. (2:30 mints will be better.) TIME: Time is the best or worst enemy stud celebrated the event and head for the photographer or videographer.

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