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July 30, 2019

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The Allah, highest is, hides the sins of their servants and it does not please to him to scandalize people. With respect to that, the Prophet said: ” the day of the surrender of accounts, Allah approaches its servant and it says to him: you remember such sin? And of that other? The servant answers: yes, I decide to me. Allah will say to him: in the earthly life you I have covered it and now you perdono”. In the light of it, the Muslim cannot propagate what appears of defects of the others, of sins, lack or errors, but he must cover them and try to correct them very subtly. Muhammad Prophet said: ” Allah is pudoroso and protective of its servants and appreciates to whom it enjoys modesty and to that dems” is protective;. When the Prophet of the Islam wanted to correct the attitude of a single Muslim and who this one was entremedio of the others, it never named to which had made the lack, but it went to all and it said for example: why you make tal o cual thing Muhammad Prophet acted of that way not to inconvenience to the Muslim who it had done the illegal thing and so that the others did not know who was the owner of so bad action. UQBAH IBN AMIR had writes and this one was approached with people who consumed the alcohol. It writes commented to UQBAH that wanted to give warning to the police to stop that group and to apply to him what corresponds of pain.

UQBAH suggested to him did not do it and argued saying that it had listened the Prophet to say: the person whom some vice – of another one sees and it covers, he is equivalent to which has given life muerto”. That does not mean that the Muslim stops ordering the good and prohibiting the evil, but the Muslim must try time and time again before giving warning to the others and thus to scandalize to his brother to the first time to commit the lack, sin or error. It is the subtility of the Islam and the benevolence of Muhammad Prophet. One tells that OMAR IBN ALJAT-TAB, that God is pleased with him, was between their friendly and it was present to each other YARIR IBN ABDULLAH. OMAR realized that somebody him had escaped a gas and was on the verge of to say to him that it went to make the ablution. YARIR guessed the thought of Omar and it said immediately: Prince of the believers, what it seems to you if all we rose to make the ablution, since the hour comes near to say. OMAR, on the other hand, him YARIR affability the one and said to him: That God compensates to you. You were noble as much before as after embracing the Islam. Thus it is the Islam, subtle, it sublimates and extraordinary.

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