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September 2, 2011

Feng Shui

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Their are components of harmony and happiness, which give peace of mind and confidence. Therefore, it is not surprising that attention and respect with which they include the occult. There are many real ways to get rich writing books about successful billionaire and business theorists, but our human nature always strives for easy money. Because so popular to this day plots for success in business, the magic of attraction to money and wealth. May we live in an age of technological progress and the triumph of reason over nature, but faith in the unknown and otherworldly unlikely ever to have run out. As far ancestors, many believe in the power of conspiracy and ceremonies, and no matter what forces have to ask for help, dark or light, the main thing – the end result. Of course, and you and I – complete realists, but the magic in honor of today, despite the fact that most witches prove to be lucky dealers or charlatans.

Also, incidentally, give effect to the enrichment program. Just do not take things literally, as if passing ritual you went out of his own parade, immediately run into a suitcase, scored a convertible currency. He does not act at once, and rarely lets his head fall to the lucky ones, or put a huge inheritance. All the same, own well-being have cobble together their own hands. By the way, but there’s still caught us and loved by all the ancient Chinese practice of “Feng Shui”. If you remember, she proposes to divide your home into zones, according to the square of the bagua, which will be responsible for various aspects of your life.

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