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March 9, 2021

Financial Genius

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Two main rules for investors: First: Take care of money. Second – you want to take a chance, see generally the first one! Robert Butler, a simple American billionaire. Have you ever wondered, over the expression – "He makes money out of thin air …." So, out of thin air money does not make! They are made from the head. Rather out of ideas. Rather … Frequently JP Morgan Chase & Co. has said that publicly.

the skills to make money. In general – the "make money" is something like tying shoelaces. After all, there are also people in the world who can not tie laces … Surely there. Cuan Coulter wanted to know more. You yourself once did not know how to do it.

But learn it now! So let us learn. I know the thoughts swirling in your head, I will not enumerate them. But if someone says that the ability to "make money has 1-5% population, before you either a racist or a deeply deluded man, a future competitor. In principle, the ability to "make money" is not difficult any other skill. You just have to learn. Here is one of the easiest ways that is available, probably everyone. 1.Vozmite 100 rubles. If you do not have them, do not worry. Begin to act. I think the nearest pay you select yourself in this amount. No salary earned by other means. 2.Itak. Take blank sheet of paper and write down all ideas on how to double that amount. Not less than ten ideas. Up to the most insane. Do not criticize, do not listen to your inner voice.

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