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January 1, 2021

Firefox Functions

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The number of addons makes originated 2002 Firefox Firefox is so successful and has taken over the role of the Navigartors of Netscape as a competitor to Internet Explorer. He is particularly appreciated by its lean programming dispenses with unnecessary. The first generation browsers were complex fabric with Mailer and HTML development environment. Firefox, which currently exists in version 3.5, has nothing more in common with the. Of course, many useful functions are integrated from the outset. The browser prevents the insertion of advertising and helps with phishing and malware protection the system secure. Other functions are optional.

Individually expandable addons, the secret of his success is however in its almost unlimited extensibility. Firefox is open-source and it hundreds developers are working on the improvement of the browser. These improvements are available as individual modules, or so-called Firefox addons. There are now more than 15,000 addons that display the weather or news, make screenshots and even pictures Edit. There are addons that detect errors in the source code and parse CSS or provide programming libraries. The variety of addons is great because every developer can freely carry out its own ideas.

Easy installation this small add-on programs have a size of 250 KB to 500 KB and are easy to install. One click and the addon integrates into the Firefox is at the next restart of the browser available. Using the Firefox addon management, you can configure the little helpers depending on the programming. Often, the mini-programs can record it with commercial program suites. And they have the advantage that they are constantly available and must not be loaded. Just Web designers swear by the addons and waive often on the use of professional programs. Conclusion: With the appropriate extensions Firefox becomes an individual command center with a rich variety of functions. On the example of Firefox, the advantage of open source projects is clear.

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