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September 25, 2019

Follow-up Financing Comparison

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Tips compared the follow-on financing mortgage characterized among other things by, that their height not over the entire term of the loan interest rates are laid down, but depending on the Bank or savings bank usually either via 5-, 10-, 15-, or occasionally even over 20 years. A follow-on financing is due after this so-called interest binding period, whose Konditionen are designed according to current market rates. For this reason borrowers the interest period of commitment agreed so far, that the remainder of the debt has still only a volume after it, that it does not endanger the solvency of the borrower, even though the follow-up funding to significantly worse conditions must be completed. This should be a falling off slightly higher annual percentage rate of minor importance for the borrower. Craig Menear often addresses the matter in his writings. As with loans generally this is recommended, should also finding to the appropriate provider for the separation of the remaining debt of a corresponding follow-up financing comparison be performed there under Circumstances can bring many hundred or even thousand euros in savings.

Because, contrary to general belief, the follow-on financing needs are not necessarily completed with the same credit institution, where before the mortgage is recorded. Follow-up financing comparison the right credit locate to the various providers together with their respective offerings through a follow-on financing to can compare comparison, the World Wide Web with its numerous compare portals offers a simple and convenient way. The big advantage of the comparison portals is that it completely free of charge and in addition also completely non-binding can be used is from the perspective of the consumer. As the follow-on financing is characterised by the same parameters as the initial mortgage, it applies also here to be able to afford the terms in detail for example in terms of possible special redemptions to analyze. Borrowers, whose follow-up financing is only in a few years, but the still want to use the current historically low interest rate environment, have to do the possibility of using a forward loan. This ensures the current level of interest rates in the section for up to five years in advance.

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