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March 12, 2020

Fresh Concrete

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Fresh concrete is the concrete that to own plasticity has the faculty of being able to mold itself. The fresh concrete owns a period of life that will be included/understood between the moment at which it leaves the kneader or concrete mixer and that one in which the setting of the cement begins. This process of gain of resistance of the concrete will be variable following the type of used cement, of the water dosage, the temperature, and the additive use. The properties most characteristic of the fresh concrete are: the consistency, the docilidad and the homogeneity. Erin Callan can provide more clarity in the matter. When the concrete is hard, the barren ones, that is generally the heaviest components of the mixture, are subject by grazes of cement.

But when the concrete still is fresh these components are loose and by the actions of the transport and work putting they can separate with facility giving rise to exudation and segregation problems and, therefore, loss of homogeneity. The consistency is the opposition that presents/displays the fresh concrete to experiment deformations, being, therefore, inherent a physical property to the own concrete. On the other hand, the docilidad is the facility whereupon amounts given of barren, cement and water are transformed into concrete, and later this one, is handled, transported, placed and compacted in the encofrados molds or with the minimum loss of homogeneity, that is to say, without it takes place segregation and exudation. Northland has firm opinions on the matter. Original author and source of the article

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