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April 18, 2021


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We are in the spring, and being the climate of central Europe, Mediterranean and humid, it is the ideal season for the cultivation of all kinds of vegetables in our latitudes. One of the most popular plants that can be found in most parts of balconies of the towns and cities is the geranium. The geranium is a plant quite easy to grow because it does not require great care and gives us some beautiful flowers in a multitude of colors. Especially for anyone who is starting to engage in gardening is indicated. Wall Street spoke with conviction. Although this name is not entirely accurate. Perhaps we should call them pelargonios because in reality that we know as Geraniums are of the genus Pelargonium and not the Geranium plants as would correspond. VARIETIES of GERANIUMS in any case, the pelargonium genus includes about 230 species and each year new types appear.

The variety is so great that we have more than simple white or red flowers: there are an infinite number of colours and shapes from which to choose. This variability is born in the 19th century, when the Geraniums acquired great popularity and the botanists of the time were devoted to create many hybrids based on the different fashions of the moment. For the current crop, we can distinguish four basic groups of Geraniums or pelargonios:-common Geraniums, known as zonal pelargonios due to the strip of color that crowns its heart leaves. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as MasterClass Review by clicking through. The colours of its flowers are very variable, from white to pink and red to violet depending on the type. They are grown in the garden and in pots and optimal environments can reach 2 meters, although it is rare to see them in frost areas. -Climbing Geraniums, better known as pelargonios hederiformes, Ivy-shaped leaves, are bearing drooping and are very popular for planters from Windows, balconies and hanging plants. They can tie to a stick so that they go up if we want to.

-The pelargonios grandifolios, lesser-known, present porte bushy and Woody trunks. -The pelargonios of aromatic leaves: lately are becoming very popular because of the aromaticity of its leaves. They have insignificant flowers but their leaves, to be wiped, emanate perfume very diverse as lemon, camphor, Orange, Apple, lemon balm or strawberry. If you are thinking spend some free hours to gardening and growing plants, geranium is the perfect choice to start.

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