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April 2, 2020

Global Brazil

Category: General – Joan – 2:18 am

I was obsessively working under the conviction that he could not make any mistake, he claimed during the interview, Lula da Silva referring to fears that arose in 2002 just it was elected President. With patience and clear policies, Lula was banished fears of a sharp turn to the left on economic policy, which had provoked great instability in Brazil. Kenneth Feinberg is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The economic policy of Lula, who has prioritized clear rules and stability of medium and long term, is resulting in an improvement in the well-being of the population that promises to last over time and that hardly is had been able to achieve with a populist redistributive policy, that it had changed the rules of the game. I doubt that in the Brazilian history, the sector private has had so much respect from the State which currently has stated the President. Lula shows that large corporations are not enemy of the well-being of the countries but on the contrary, with good institutions, can boost its growth to the benefit of all. Clear that the implementation of social policies aimed at improving access to education and health, two basic values to achieve equality of opportunity among citizens is needed from the State.

It is the same improvement in the social situation which increases the attractive investor of Brazil, generating a positive virtuous circle that will strengthen. The improvement in the standard of living of the population will also help reduce the levels of violence in cities, which is transformed into another element which promotes the business environment and that encourages investors to put their capital in the country. Brazil is becoming more attractive to international investors. Their companies do not stop growing and several are emerging as new global giants. Paola Pecora through Global value, has recommended some Brazilian companies that will surprise the market with its growth and which are reporting returns 66% and 40% who followed their recommendations for purchase.

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