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October 21, 2015

Global Economy

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The reading friend is alone to compare the price of some products bought in the month of April with the recent prices that goes to perceive the difference – for more, of the values expenses in the May month, and most worse, in Gurupi the thing is still more serious a time that great part of the local commerce continues working with very high edges of profits, one practical one that to the few they come helping to more keep the heading of a city with one of the raised costs of living of the country, without, however, to offer a minimum in option of purchases, basic sanitation, quality of services of medical attendance, quality of electric energy, and as much other item that could perhaps compensate the high cost of living The current economic model of exportation for the globalizado market, on the contrary of the increment of the production for the internal consumption was proclaimed by Fundo Monetrio Internacional (FMI) and the World-wide Organization of Comrcio (OMC) as efficient for the eradication of the poverty and the hunger, what in the reality does not pass of one; balela’ that simply it guarantees a paradise of profits to the intermediate of the productive sector and the market. In the truth we perceive that who gains money same, and not only here in Brazil, he is the profiteer and the speculator and who really it does not produce Suddenly, the World Bank, incentivador of this model of ‘ desenvolvimento’ , it announced to the four cantos that go to have riots of the hunger in 33 countries, and the OMC is geted scared with a return to protectionism, noticing that some exporting countries of foodstuffs (India, Vietnan, Egypt, Cazaquisto, among others ) they had decided to reduce its sales to the foreigner in order to guarantee that imprudence! the sustenance of its populations. ..

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