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August 25, 2019

Global Illumination

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The long-awaited version of Poser 7 so anxiously anticipated poser-community, finally, that appeared in the Russian markets. Well these things ill, judge . Any stick is known about the two ends. But the advantages and disadvantages the program will try to understand. So what's stunning is the seventh version? In general, then – nothing. There is nothing strikingly different from her six.

However, as the sixth version of the fifth. And whether it is the most striking difference? Although, I remember, the gap between the quartet and quintet was very, very high quality as, in effect, and on the model number. The program should have its own face, and his philosophy, and the authors of the program to their customers. So it is in literally and figuratively, and it's great. And I think I was right not to admit it would be difficult, particularly when performed with some fanfare advertising and subscription yet not left version of Poser 7. Yet change, though not critical in program there. But first things first, starting with the irons. And the glands are required are: Windows 98 Second Edition, Windows me, 2000 (Service Pack 2 or higher), Windows xp with friends, Intel Pentium processor with 700 MHz (recommended 1 GHz or faster) 512 mb ram.

Video board support OpenGL) and a color display 24-bit, 1024 x 768. Modest, humble guys. However, work comfortably on such a system is unlikely to succeed. A guess-ka, why? But all the same, my dear. Can and a bicycle from Kazan to Moscow to get there. Only whether, if there is at hand 'Mercedes'. So we are met by the installation, and installing a program in the window displays the progress will be empty. Installation is, you understand that by noisy drive and the flicker of file names. But progress is zero. Creepy. What is the reason I do not know. But okay, God is with me, I know this is not terrible, but that's what I think those who are responsible for it? Support for multithreading and multiprocessing, which greatly speeds up rendering time – it's great (up to four times for two processor systems, unless, of course, do not use chips such as Global Illumination and hdri (what is it they eat, who would have suggested)). In any case, if not too lazy to advise exports in Vue 5 Infinity or something like that, and finally work there. Multiple return, of course, pleased, as this was one of the bend zamorochek in all previous versions. I remember I once suggested still quite rough out to address this problem. But is he appear to work? And if at all possible to return back normal, especially in the development of animation. It remains to be explored. In Poser 7 added two new three-dimensional models of the human body, such as 'Sydney' and 'Simon'. Ugly, damn Take it, and what is awkward, I would say. Something resembling a model of the action games stale bottling. TalkDesigner only works with the 'family' models for 'third party' (like Vicky 3-4) need a special plug-in. Just let me note the change for the better itnerfeysa Change Parent. Subjectively, the program runs faster, especially the rendering, but it may just affect the lack of a large amount of libraries. Six to me is the volume of gb content. that way under eighty, and then nothing at all. I am glad that the sixth and seventh version peacefully coexist and not interfere with each other, although the elder meanly intervenes in design and changes the familiar icons in the Six. Inclined to admit that the change from the old to the new version programs make sense, I do not see. Of course, if you hold a dual-processor machines and the program had not indulged in, then why not. And as a lazy gorodbu city. However, maybe someone has on this occasion another opinion.

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