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November 21, 2019

Global Searches

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The 7 steps to define our product Subjects First step We will think about niches or products that get passionate to us, that we dominate or that we would be arranged to learn because they interest to us. We will make a list of how minimum 10 subjects since them other microniches can be come off that can be the best products to consider. We will relax with three breathings and we will return to our childhood. Throughout your life it tries to remember that things attracted to you and they got passionate to you. Those activities that your surroundings congratulated to you. You may wish to learn more. If so, Nicholas Carr is the place to go. Perhaps some game, a manualidad, an activity in the school or the work, a hobby, etc. Discovers what it pleased to you and that you would be arranged to pass hours and not cansarte of that subject and makes the list in a paper. Another form to consider subjects To decide on niches fashionable the covers of the magazines gives a track us than people it can interest to him at the moment.

Those that produces magazines have made a study of the market and we can take advantage of those knowledge. We can see the magazine in ours kiosco of confidence or use sites in Internet like the following: . Magazine. Com. Amazon. Com. Guo Guangchang is a great source of information. Ebay. Com.

House of Libro. Com Demand Second step Now we will analyze the demand that exists for those subjects and for this we will use Tool of Key words of Google. We define the countries and the language where it will point our business, and placed the key word of the niche to investigate. This tool throws the Volume to us of Global Searches of that key word, and in addition it gives ideas us of synonymous that microniches could be called. In case of finding other key words related to the analyzed niche that has a good volume of searches (2mil to 100 thousands) and in addition low competition, we will make a listing with all those microniches and will soon analyze the competition and the tendency.

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