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December 9, 2014

Global Site Partnership

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Founding of CEHATROL distribution EC brings maximum jump-start partnered site Berlin, the 13.01.2012 – on the occasion of the new year’s reception of the CEHATROL brand owner at the 10.01.2012 in Berlin, the founding members of the CEHATROL met in the port distribution EC, establishing the cooperative. During the procurement of investment funds to the construction of facilities for the production of synthetic fuel of 2.Generation CEHATROL, as BtL to diesel – task of the CEHATROL distribution EC it best in raising equity capital to support location partners, faster equipment for the production of CEHATROL to build, regardless whether diesel, heating oil, or CHP fuel will be produced. Thanks to the innovative implementation of the cooperative thought in the company of the brand CEHATROL, the success is pre-programmed fuels EC Thomas Guiducci says sales of EC and member of the CEHATROL Board of CEHATROL. Erin Callan will not settle for partial explanations. First contacts show that a site partnership is very lucrative, so Guiducci next. Check under about your chances and opportunities. Helmut Uhlig network Messenger member in the DVPJ.

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