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October 17, 2015

Globalization And Spirituality

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Globalization and spirituality the globalization of the economy implies that any market is inextricably linked to the global economy. In this new reality, we must discover the correct way to act within an interconnected system. And what better example of study than nature itself, which is the mother of the perfect integral systems! Myron Acholes and Robert Merton had everything any scientist could ever want: Fame, a Nobel Laureate in economics, and professorships at the most prestigious universities in the world. They were sure that betting on the market was like rolling the dice: you can easily measure the probabilities for each of the possible events. His infallible plan was to accurately predict the market through statistical studies. Along with other experts, they established an investment fund to benefit under all possible market conditions. They called it Long Term Capital Management, or LTCM (management of long term Capital). The Fund developed a investment policy based on mathematical models, yielding a staggering 40% of annual profit without loss or fluctuations. They believed to have discovered the magic formula, identifying patterns in an unpredictable world. The operation seemed invincible, until one fateful night of September 98 burst the bubble. The disaster began with a seemingly innocuous event: the devaluation of the Thai Baht, which hit Asian markets of Eastern Europe, and so the snowball continued rolling until it finally reached to the LTCM, suffering a total collapse and a voltage unprecedented in economic systems worldwide. A desperate emergency among world economic leaders meeting managed to avoid a global economic chaos. The collapse is contagious economists say that the most dramatic fall of the dollar was triggered by a change in China’s policy. This, concerned about its own economy, began to diversify their investments, rather than continue to maintain all their funds in dollars. As a result, Saudi Arabia, Korea of the South, Venezuela, Sudan, Iran and Russia began to consider regulatory assets in order to safeguard them from the depreciation of the U.S. currency. And again reappears the sense of a crisis globally. All attempts to predict economic trends have proved useless. Then how we establish a truly viable and stable economic system? Systems among us the answer, according to the wisdom of Kabbalah is really very simple. One need not be a brilliant economist to realize. Only we must be aware that both we like everything we do, including the economy, must follow the laws of the universal system, called nature. I.e., achieving a perfect unit, where the work of each individual benefits to all. The Kabbalist, Rabbi Yehuda Ashlag (Baal HSulam), writes in his article building the society of the future that each Member is obliged by Nature to meet their basic needs through society, and also benefit society with their own work. Artificial systems that we have established in human society are in complete contrast with this principle. The core of our behavior is ego, which makes these systems in motion; personal interest before the general, the pursuit of material wealth, honor, and control; even (or especially) at the expense of others. All this saves a direct relationship with the economy. In our economic system based on the ego, the personal interest of capitalists and shareholders is the top priority for the companies. Even when they help the community, one cannot help wondering if they only seek to advertise and enlarge his reputation in the media. Globalization + Ego = alley dead-end after thousands of years of selfish development we are cornered in a corner: the more we try to benefit each other, more discover our interdependence. Minimum fluctuation in a local market may cause turbulence in the global market. Globalization has caused such fragility in our planet, the minimum fissure can do it wobble and fall. Local events such as the mortgage crisis in the U.S., a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, directly affect the prices of international goods and threaten the stability of the world economy. The way out and how wonderful it is that nature, which skilful judge us punishes according to our development, because as you can see our eyes, the more humanity, develops the higher are of pain and suffering for our sustenance. Baal HSulam, La Paz La Kabbalah teaches that humanity is going through two parallel processes: on the one hand, it is pushing us to unite and work as one body. On the other hand, Human egoism is growing constantly. One way or another humanity must give a twist to his selfishness and work as a single body. Euro Pacific Precious Metals is a great source of information. But instead of having to suffer shocks that force us to carry out this change, the Kabbalists suggest that we are ourselves which we dominate and take control of the process. Learn about this general system and its principles, understand changes implemented in our social systems in order to balance with nature, and prosper in all areas of our lives, including in the economic area. Fortunately already possess the science that explains the plan of Fund of nature: the wisdom of Kabbalah.

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