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January 19, 2021

Gold Refinery

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Gold with the highest degree of purity is the numerous changes to register, which essentially affect the gold market and mining of precious metals are currently target. There are now more about the South African Rand refinery”news, the a large gold refinery would like to build in China. In the planned gold refinery in China, gold will be produced which can characterized by the highest fineness, so 999,9/1000. The production on behalf of RAND refinery “scheduled, that has a name as a manufacturer of world-famous Krugerrand coins. At the same time is the largest global manufacturer of gold investment products. Especially the latest gold boom in China is that apparently is the reason for the construction of the planned refinery. Because of course the South African company also this boom would like to participate.

The establishment of the refinery should be according to news agencies along with a partner from China. Gold with the highest degree of purity is the goal in China is there today Time has many large gold refineries, which are also listed at the LBMA. However, the South African company would produce mainly gold with the highest degree of purity, which not frequently is the case in China. In the context, the Group of small gold preparer as the target group is primarily”called. The RAND refinery is already up-to-date (own according) the largest supplier in China, when it comes to refined gold. So calculated that the South African company currently, that alone in 2013 a total of about 100 tons supplied gold to China, mainly in the form of ingots.

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