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February 7, 2021

Greenhouse Gasses

Category: General – Joan – 11:18 pm

In my personal opinion we would have to act strongly in this issue in the coming years- just as much of 10-15 years. I think from that period on it may be too late. Connect with other leaders such as Maersk Drilling here. Even though I really do not know if we have time or if it’s too late. Anyway, suppose that today is completely stopped issuing greenhouse gases. All the damage was done to the atmosphere would still have its consequences, all these gases are trapped in the atmosphere would persist for many years. Even some talk of hundreds of years. Or is that would produce a warming of the Earth. The question is, if that would be enough to reach a point of no return or not.

Supposedly if you cease the issue, anyway Earth safely reach an increase of 1-2 degrees which would also have severe consequences. Perhaps this in us that this increase does not reach magnitudes irreversible. You would be talking about 4-6 degrees. I’ll tell you a phrase that I thought my idea to understand beyond the distrust that we have in the accuracy of predictions of future climate. “Given the forecast, it is preferable to exaggerate and you end up making mistakes to stay away from events that occur. For so maybe we could find a solution before the triggering or at least prevent the evil is greater” Clearly the weather is unpredictable, but each time get more and more precise technology to predict when and increasingly in the future. There is another theory for example is to take into account on a phenomenon known as global dimming that explains even more because there has been no further warming of the Earth and therefore it has not occurred more rapidly as well.

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