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May 30, 2013


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Haiti is considered the poorest nation of the continent, therefore, the efforts of several countries are adding to financially assist the Government, that nowadays heads President Rene Preval. This country has suffered so much throughout its history, was the first country where the slaves fought for their freedom, abolishing the slave system; He has had a series of oppressive Governments, who were unable to manage the country’s resources; in the past few years have had coups, thus changing President; all this has caused serious consequences. Since 2004, when the UN soldiers came to the country after a wave of violence that destabilized the nation, four conferences of donors have been made, however, the situation of extreme poverty has not declined. In 2008, the country was hit by four tropical storms, which left the country in a deplorable situation. At the last Conference, which took place in Washington, were $324 million, than several countries donated.

The proceeds at these conferences will be allocated to the reconstruction of damaged infrastructure. Although the Haitian Government had said before the meeting that the country would need at least $1,000 million dollars, Prime Minister Pierre-Louis said the proceeds money of donations it is good to the economic crisis that we live in the world. In a report published by the analysis unit of The Economist magazine, he said that Haiti, Ecuador, Bolivia and the Dominican Republic have a high risk of political instability and social conflict due to the global economic crisis, that is why the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, said that Haiti is at a turning point. The Secretary general of United Nations Ban KiMoon, has appointed former President Bill Clinton as a Special Envoy of the UN for Haiti. The former President of the United States is trying to help the country through his Clinton Global Initiative Foundation. This UN trying to make a call to the international community to help this country, that every day becomes more in an unstable country with serious social and economic problems rather than diminish, they increase. While several countries have made donations, it is not enough. Original author and source of the article.

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