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January 3, 2014


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We human beings we had our life and existence embarked on an eternal quest for happiness, we invest much time, effort and work to get it but without success, very few people who can say with certainty that they have reached really, most of which we say that we are actually happy it are not, the main problem is that we are looking for happiness in the wrong placeWe look for it outside of us in material goods, at work, other people forgetting about ourselves, you’ve heard talk of the fable of the Blue Bird?, this fable graphic clearly because people are not happy and not we can find the Royal and supreme happiness, in summary the story begins with two children living in the forest with his father who is lumberjackthey have a friend who lives very close to where they live, but she is very sick and it can only be healed by the Blue Bird, a bird they have at home, but this bird is gray, so the children have to find to the Bird blue and was interned in the forest to find him, there live a series of adventures and dangers, for a long time remain obsessed by finding the Blue Bird, but finally give up the not being able to find it, already very disappointed they decided to return home and to get into it are very surprised, gray bird that they hadIt was no longer grey, was El Pajaro Azul, blue, only that it changed its plumage at different times of the year, this is exactly what happens to us in the pursuit of happiness, we make every effort to find it, but we never find it, because we look for it in the wrong place, outside of us, true happiness lies within everyoneOnce never found nobody can snatch it, because it’s part of ourselves, because it is part of our essence of our being and nobody can take that. More information is housed here: Federal Reserve Bank. Your original essence internal author and source of the article.

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