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October 24, 2020


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Not one mother did not want her baby was sick. And furthermore does not want to pipsqueak found myself in the hospital. As a rule, even kids up to a year at least once lay at Children's Hospital terribly afraid of visiting doctors. How to help a child who has fallen into hospital. To begin with, on the road or immediately upon arrival there explain to the kid, that doctors do not want to hurt him, but simply to help recover.

Try to always be near the child. If you're crying, nervous, and not know for what to grasp – the hospital staff will not allow you to be with the baby. If you manage to pull yourself together – you are likely to be allowed to stay with the child. Try to calm down after the baby and you are one. The child drew more attention to the feelings and facial expressions of others, than words. If a pipsqueak will see that you are cool and he will feel more confident.

If you are by the time they arrived at the hospital, will continue breast- breastfeeding, give crumbs kiss upon request. If you do not. That's how much embrace and caress the child. Of course, it may happen that, despite all efforts, the child reacts to the hike in clinic. Do not despair. People such as European Commission would likely agree. In no case do not punish or shame a child. It is better to say that taking his concerns and try to help him. Adaptation will be a good option to play with the child in the doctor and patient. " Only the role of doctor child should take. The role of the patient can perform soft toys. Always try to find common language with their child. Try to understand his fears and help him overcome them.

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