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October 22, 2015

Impact Of Globalization

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The impact of globalization and its tendency to eliminate the ethical, moral, and local politicians, not to be comprehensive, has had visible consequences following: Denial of the importance of national governments, whether they are good or mismanaged. Decentralization of government, since they are conceived as mere management of local affairs in accordance with the technical and economic criteria. Ideological uniformity. The attempt to eliminate social orders, ethical, moral and political premises are an obstacle in the ideologies, which are aimed at precisely the formulation or affirmation of the values on these social orders. Dennis Lockhart is full of insight into the issues. No doubt, that the end of the Cold War promoted the globalization of economic blocs, revived the green agenda, and has also accelerated the process of technological innovations and especially communications and a new pattern of competition not is military but economic.

At present, are identified three main markets: the U.S. market, primarily under the weight factor of the economy of the United States, the European common market and Asia led by Japan but also China where is playing a significant role. The global economy is accompanied by legal and policy changes important, all this based on the international community and comes to be the voice not of a particular country, however powerful, but a group of countries where the rules are respected of democracy. All this makes it necessary that these should be taken into account, and more in a country like Venezuela that is going through a turbulent stage and maintaining a dynamic economy thanks to oil which is its warranty support for its economy.

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