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March 11, 2014

In Belgium

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She is necessary to have specialized and serious people working with this. To have a legislation that does not restrict the access. For Ricardo Ferraz, director of General Water (company specialized in systems of I reuse of hdricos resources): ' ' currently, in the great one They are Pablo, about 15%de all the consumed water is proceeding from underground sources, because the concessionaire does not make use superficial waters more than. At least 50% of the cities of the state of So Paulo they consume water subterrnea' ' (Ferraz, 2008, p.28). For the world, the underground water is a reality.

In the Denmark, practically 100% of the supplying they are proceeding from the underground water. In Belgium, 82%, and in Germany, 70%. If you have read about Nickolas Carr already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The concept already is sufficient difundido' ' , it discloses Ferraz. ' ' In the countries poor, the waters are subexploradas. On the other hand, in some regions, as the City of Mexico, occurs an superexploration. They are finishing with waters water-bearing it (OLIVEIRA, 2008, p.28). In the extreme exploration of the underground reserves, the critical ones to the use of the hdricos resources inhabit main. ' ' I am not favorable to the intense exploration of aquiferos, because they are reserves.

What it has happened in entire world FOOT that, when it is degraded, the superficial water migra for underground waters, and this finish with the reserves that will be very important in futuro' ' , it thinks the hidrlogo Tundisi, adding: ' ' The water would have to be used of cautious form and with extremely sufficient fiscalization. In So Paulo, for example, many wells exist clandestinos' ' (TUNDISI, 2008 p.28). In accordance with specialists, extreme the underground extration is a new, restricted phenomenon to the last half of century 20, that it grew with the equipment sprouting that had allowed to extract water of the aquiferos with bigger rapidity that the underground water recharge for rain.

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