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May 13, 2024

Indian Nail Mat Made Of Nails – Pranamatte The Modern Form Of The Nagelbetts

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You want stress-free, rested and experience the day with more energy? The modern acupressure mat is the evolution of the traditional Indian nail mat made of nails. A therapy for relaxation and stimulation, which probably every European first extremely skeptical about the therapy with the so called Pranamatte, also the acupressure mat is called. This mat is simply modeled after the nail beds of Indian fakirs. Of course this nail mat form available in Europe and the United States looks different, it is visually modern, and is also more flexible applicable and easily transportable. Its basic design is but just as chosen in the traditional, applied in India nail bed. The modern Pranamatte nails are embedded in coin great plastic plates, so that their tips are still slightly. This nail mat is given on a foam pad that is soft, available in various sizes, which should be used at the beginning of the treatment during the application.

Unlike in the traditional nail bed, the nail tips of the Pranamatte survive only one to two millimeters so that serious injuries even when total misapplication can be excluded. The application of the acupressure mat is very easy: you is placed on a soft surface, for example on a bed or a thick carpet. The foam mat, on which the Nagelplattchen are fixed provides additional flexibility. Now puts the patient back simply on the nail mat, best up slowly from sitting backwards rolling off. Initially, the attraction exerted by the nail tips may be unusual, and also the expectation of pain often contributes to a certain restlessness. The lying on your nails is really painful but of course not. After a few minutes already manages the most users, to relax really on the Pranamatte.

From this moment, the positive effect of the simulation by the top deploys correctly. The skin is wonderfully blood, stimulates energy and lymphatic flow and the muscles relaxed noticeably. Who is this hibernation still not hired even after about 10 minutes, and a rather unpleasant feeling outweighs, which should put a thin cloth over the nail tips after the experienced therapist and try again. To cancel the therapy only when proper pain occur, then another position should be selected if necessary, because the stimulation seemingly too much goes on against certain complaints and thus reinforced these first. One is located at the beginning of the use on average 10-20 minutes on the Pranamatte, increases the duration of use in the course of therapy most of alone on 40 or more minutes, sleep especially in the supine position is not uncommon and also not a problem. Also Indian fakirs use the Pranamatte to relax and simulation of the organism, and spend hours often. The targeted application of Pranamatte on other areas of the body is of course also possible, for example in side position or in a sitting position. Recommended the supine is but, as Nerves along the spinal column that can distribute energy in the entire body. The daily application is recommended, achieving a raising of the effects and to relieve persistent complaints, and to encourage the activity of the body.

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