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January 19, 2021

Interior Ministry

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We must pay tribute, this is one of the best companies in the production of hardware, which has recently become support and time-lapse codecs, albeit partially. It is clear that all of Russian manufacture of electronic equipment – is half Chinese remake, but at such a high consumer level is still small, who does. They would Software still more serious, could we go to retire. In all cases, we can only congratulate our Ministry of Internal Affairs with the choice of a favorite, because such shifts in technical progress simply revolutionary. For many times we will remember the Interior Ministry’s internal document that was sent to the Department of Internal Affairs of the country as follows: ‘In accordance with paragraph 9.4.

Plan of basic organizational actions the Russian Interior Ministry in 2010 from 24.12.2009 1 / 10438, and in order to comply with a common technical policy, the Interior Ministry, police department, police department on the subjects of the Russian Federation shall in JT Russian Interior Ministry for consideration and approval of technical design documentation electronic and paper media..

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