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May 18, 2013

International Court

Category: General – Joan – 7:09 am

Change Ministers every three months (call you these Ministers disposable personnel) and can’t find ways to deal with a serious crisis that is coming slowly but inevitably. In its foreign policy trafficking of maintaining influence through the offer of business based on the petroleum activity, i.e. Exchange of crude oil by cows, doctors or coaches, houses fast Assembly, basic consumption products and although what proposed you in Exchange not arrives, and if it arrives is not in the hands of the Venezuelan common, except doctors and Cuban coaches. However, it maintained its constant and popular rhetoric violent against the American Empire, which is the only country that buys and pays oil that produces. Others, not to read cobra and if charged in comfortable instalments, we refer to the residents of Latin America, in other words as they say in Venezuela, are sucking it.

Clashes with Colombia, which restrained with the Summit of River, they are still latent and appear at any time. When writing this article is at stake demand for Ecuador against Colombia in the International Court of Justice in the Hague by aerial spraying with herbicides to eradicate the coca plantations on its side of the common border, and it would not be strange that the Bolivarian ruler again insert batteries with the neighboring country, as well other than Venezuela the fumigatedWhat interests is to divert attention and make Venezuelans to forget their country there in thousands of killings by violence every weekend, having the inflation figure more high in the region, making queues to buy a bag of milk or flour, that medical care is precarious, or public servants travel in rustic that exceeded $100,000 and with homes valued in US $ millions. Already the ruler launched his threat saying that in 2009 the enemy will come for him knowing that it is estimated that in November it will lose a good part of the governorates and municipalities that are under your control, threat whose objective is to frighten the Venezuelan people and create them floundering. There is discontent in the Venezuelan population, and will be gradually manifested in every event of electoral choice to come and perhaps in a recall referendum on his mandate that applies in a couple of years. Or oil and all its influence achieved the Bolivarian revolution to spread its wings, except for Ortega, Cristina, Evo and Rafael that make game open to their intentions and with a Lula that continues as a good trade unionist doing the game to Mr Chavez but also smiling at the Empire.

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