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May 25, 2013

International Cover Letter

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The letter of introduction is very important when sending a resume. In it, more than their knowledge, the candidate should express their interest by the post, the company and its values. The departments of human resources value that the letter is personalized, clear and direct. However daily, especially in large companies, they receive many resumes with the corresponding letters, forcing the candidates to stand out. The video resume is one of the best strategies to stand out from other applicants.

The image is easier to remember and saves time by the selection responsible, in addition always be appreciates seeing something new and different. Companies are interested that their employees have a good communication capacity. Usually this is evaluated during the interview but video CV allows the candidate demonstrate their skills in advance and advance faster in the selection process. Another advantage that brings the video curriculum is its internationalization, the subtitles allow you to submit more than one language at a time and if it speaks several languages can be a demonstration. Although it is a very recent job search method each time the number of people who choose is greater for its use. Experts believe that at the moment it is more favourable to use it as a tool complementary to the written version, but everyone agrees that the video resume is the letter of the future.

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