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August 6, 2015

International Day

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Unfortunately, this day will be little attention in Germany. There are no nationwide big actions on this day. Our question is worthwhile to write about this day and to speak. A clear ‘ yes ‘ comes from us. There are so many good examples of projects that have earned it reported about it. Watching radio/TV / print reach the elderly who have not arrived in the digital world, and for whom are these offers of interest.

We need to show many different ways that the older people who are lonely take courage and be informed of offers and be animated to take part. This is also our great concern. Our motto is: A long life to be luck no load. Known as the international day of older persons, sometimes day the seniors or world senior day, held annually on October 1. He was initiated in 1990 by the United Nations to appreciate the benefits of the elderly and the profit they represent for the social life together. In 1990, the United Nations has the 1st October to the International Day for the elderly explains. You want to draw attention on the opportunities and challenges of an aging society and on the situation of older people in developing countries. In Germany, the international day of older persons of the UN much resonate. Robotics recognizes the significance of this.

He is called partially world senior day or day of the older generation. At the latter term can occur to a confusion with the same day of action, which takes place each year in April. This year’s theme is “the future we want: say what older people”. It was chosen to draw attention to the efforts of older people, civil society organizations, organizations of the United Nations and the Member States. Special events are planned worldwide and across Europe the citizens to participate in the numerous initiatives are encouraged. Wade sets nationwide for the improvement of the living conditions of older people and their position in the A society. Wade has made public ahead and content to its aims and topics. Poverty, disease and isolation in the age are supported themes that are made too rarely publicly Wade nationwide concepts that deal with topics related to aging. Wade writes to promote contests nationwide on the subject of age from umsoIdeen and projects, and to support. Wade its funded exclusively through donations, membership dues and voluntary commitment. Wade has been nominated for the charity award 2013 Springer medicine. Wade’s Chairman Dagmar Hirche is prize-winner of the Golden image of the woman 2011 supported by celebrities by TV presenter Maxi Arland Maxi Arland is known to an audience of millions as a singer and television presenter of the ARD. “He is Ambassador by Wade since 2011 and supported Wade out of conviction: I would like to contribute to the Club and the idea of who is behind it, more in the public eye to move.” Contact and picture material: Dagmar hand Escaping the Solitude e.

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