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November 1, 2019

Internet Advertising

Category: General – Joan – 2:26 pm

The presence of a large and active audience in combination with the technologies of Internet advertising, as well as the affordability of media advertising is used to attract increasing attention from regional businesses. The example of several successful advertising campaigns were clearly demonstrated the benefits of media advertising that allow for high-performance advertising campaign in a given social network. Choice of target audience by geographic region, sex and age – all of this, as well as high coverage of the audience at a low cost of advertising exposure, contributes to the fact that for Last year the number of advertisers who advertise on the site has grown in the North-classmates in a few times! In his speech, Mr Resurrection told the participants about market trends, online advertising, technologies of different types of Internet advertising, media planning features and evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Questions were raised relating to the advertising campaigns in the systems of contextual advertising Yandex, Begun, Google Adwords. On the example of Yandex, with its extensive range of options and tools to achieve high effectiveness of advertising, have been examined in detail all the main stages of planning and organization advertising campaign. Home Depot understands that this is vital information. Much has been said about the placement of display advertising opportunities for regional projects in, portals Gismeteo,, each with its own unique set of technology and ad impressions, which makes the deployment of regional advertising on them, especially effective. It is the use of Internet advertising in its geographical region called the greatest interest among the participants. The demand for online advertising in the Vologda region increases appreciably and it is due, among other things, increasing the depth of penetration of the Internet in the Vologda region.

The growing number of users on the network logically leads to the fact that businesses are increasingly using the Internet as advertising communications channel with customers. According to the participants, special interest they aroused technologies and capabilities of online advertising for the Vologda region, many noted the importance of gathering the issues raised and reported that a new look at online advertising.

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