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December 25, 2013

Internet Dating – Down Stereotypes !

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Today it is hard to imagine life without the Internet. On the Internet, we shop, communicate, search for needed information, do business. In general, it is no surprise that the Internet is the medium in which people looking for a partner. Youth, relatively closed social space, not so relevant (permanent party, parties, and other joint activities create a favorable atmosphere for tying new acquaintances), but for older people likely to get under the car at times becomes more than meet his fate, does not attach to this effort. But everyone – himself a grasshopper his happiness, and against nature do not go, therefore, the Internet has long been organized, "Lonely Hearts Club," "for those who are over …" and so on. Why is it that so many people are still very negative attitude to online dating? Despite the seeming quite logical arguments in favor of finding its halves is in a virtual environment, among many people, there is a perception that dating sites are only "eat". And that only people who use the services of such defective resources, since a person successful, attractive and can not be held issues with the opposite sex. Admit that you communicate on a dating site, just as risky as to say that you go to therapist – the chances are that you will think of as a person flawed.

Another strong argument in the arsenal of opponents of online dating, people who use services, "site-pimps," do not have serious purposes and does not aspire to build relationships. Their goal is a minimum – or non-binding chatter, high-disposable sex. But we want to argue, but in real life often end up dating relationship? One might think that knowledge in the library or in the theater will be the key long-term relationship. Familiarity – it is in any case, just an acquaintance and then how it will continue, depends primarily on the people, it tie. In no If not calling all refuse to live communication for the benefit of a virtual, yet advised to treat with tolerance for this type of social interaction, not condemn, and at least recognize his right to existence. But fans of "hang" in the World Wide Web would like to wish all the same as soon as possible to carry it bound up in relation to reality – because the Internet was created to help us live, not replace real life virtual.

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