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April 2, 2021

Internet TSN

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The input field of the TSN number in the auto part catalogs is only 3 characters. Not always, also only one vehicle type is defined by the TSN input. It often happens that one another even after entering the key number vehicle restriction must make. An example is the key number combination 0603-ADM. Millenium Management does not necessarily agree. If you enter these codes, two vehicles are shown. The difference of the two is in the vehicle type, year and engine code. The year of manufacture is often the key to successful access to the parts catalogue.

However, if the difference of the displayed vehicles in the motor code, fails the average Joe. Only the chassis number will help quickly. Recently millennium management sought to clarify these questions. The vehicle identification number, such as the key numbers, is registered in the vehicle registration papers in the field of “E”. All other relevant data, such as the engine code, to the particular vehicle can be determined about this. It is almost impossible to find a free program that shows the required vehicle data or even spare parts one through the vehicle identification number on the Internet.

At this point, it is advisable to contact the selected auto parts shop. A competent auto parts shop has the necessary programs to using the chassis number the missing information to gain and the right car parts to break. TSN from zero – what now? The TSN number of vehicles, which are imported from abroad to Germany, is fitted in the vehicle registration with zeros. This is because the TSN, the type conversion, may be different in other countries. The codes help so-called re imports not in the identification of the vehicle. Buy car parts online you can in this case only the vehicle harness. Identified on this one be vehicle step by step via a so-called drop-down menu: manufacturer brand: E.g. AUDI type: A6 avant (4A, C4) trade name: 1.9 TDI power (kW/HP): 66/90 to break catalogues in German car parts fit spare parts, however, is a parts identification over the original part number recommended. If the required OE numbers are not known, your suppliers about the VIN number can break you the matching numbers.

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