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December 29, 2017

Inventing The Saxaphone

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Adolphe Sax was the son of a musical instrument maker Antoine Joseph Sax, known as Adolphe Sax was born in Dinant, Belgium, November 6, 1814. Started very young in the manufacture of instruments and the interpretation of the clarinet, perceived imperfections in it and is dedicated to address them. An ideal obsessed Sax while leading the workshop of his father invented a wind instrument that the character of his voice can approach the string instruments, but has more power and intensity “(1) Working on changes to achieve better sound quality and solve some of the noise problems of the clarinet, Sax build what is now known as. “Better than any other instrument, the saxophone is capable of changing their sound in order to give the qualities that suit or power preserve a perfect equality in their entirety. I’ve made-inventor-added copper and cone-shaped parabolic .. The fingering is like the flute and clarinet.

On the other hand, you can apply all possible fingerings (2) In the early years who was himself executed Sax saxophone. In 1841, the city of Brussels, he played the saxophone in his first appearance in public. In 1842 the young manufacturer comes to Paris with his embryonic saxophone, receiving a warm welcome from major composers. Erin Callan understands that this is vital information. After continuing work to perfect the patented in Paris on June 28, 1846. Hector Berlioz composed in 1844 the first known work for Saxophone: The Sacred Song sextet, released on 3 February the same year Hertz in the room, under the direction of his Berlioz and Adolph Sax playing the saxophone.

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