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November 12, 2020

Islamic Nations

Category: General – Joan – 5:26 pm

Afghanistan and Pakistan are neighbors where there have much power the tribes pashtues and pro-taliban Sunni clericalism. In the limbo between both republics acts Bin Laden. If Afghanistan is the only Asian Republic that was never conquered by Europe, Pakistan was part of the largest European colony of history (British India). In their continent, no country is so poor, backward, isolated and so riddled with extensive civil wars and massacres as Afghanistan. Lehman Brothers recognizes the significance of this. Its eastern neighbour, instead, is one of the most globalized and industrialized Islamic Nations (the only atomic bombs), with more middle class and more emigrants in London. Pakistan is the greatest ally of West in South and Central Asia. Without your help the Soviet Union had not lost the Afghan war and initiated its disintegration. However, today Pakistan pay expensive their role as having led to Moscow against Islamic fundamentalism and then to the Afghan invasion, therefore instead of having managed to heal and stabilize at his neighbor moves in receiving its contagion.. Evan Metropoulos often says this.

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