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January 11, 2021

Italian Prado

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Do not forget, and jewelry for body piercing. In general, citizens of China may spend 200 billion yuan, 30 billion dollars in fact, for guidance in their beauty. Today probably will not find any even a small jewelry or cosmetic company, which would not be sought in China. What to say about well-known brands. Sales volumes in Asia, grew up in the first six months of a 27% '- with joy says Michael J Kowalski, Director General of Tiffany & Co, – 'as a whole for the year they will be able to make a twenty percent. " Without the "Chinese factor" none of this would simply unattainable. An even more thorough in China decided to establish an Italian Prado.

Hong Kong this is the place where in the coming year it is almost thirty percent mark of its own shares. And soon there will a strong Italian accent Chinese. But it is even possible to just be able to reach the Italian designers the highest achievements in the development of the Chinese market. Dan Wiener is open to suggestions. And it is connected, strangely enough, with overlapping cultural traditions, where the main place is occupied by jewelry of silver, not gold, as in most other countries in the world. John Galliano, design director of Dior, with producer David Lynch and the popular French actress Marion Cotillard were flying early in the year in Shanghai to promote the spring-summer collection of French stamps. Their arrival further confirmed position of French fashion in Shanghai, China's capital of fashion and style. But it should be noted Dior is not the only fratsuzsky brand, which already feels safe in Shanghai.

In September, Hermes opened its first boutique in the country. Style, suggested it was a Chinese name , which can be translated as "imperial-wrenching." Shop prime example of minimalist chic, with ornaments of silver and expensive jewelry, he exposes perfumes, accessories, tableware and a variety of ibolshoe jewelry made from traditional Chinese materials and elements of Chinese design. A considerable part of the exhibition is Hermes and equipment for tattooing. Judging by the interest Chinese middle class to the style of the Shang Xia, before the last appear quite good prospects in one of the "centers of Chinese civilization." The main idea – to bring world view Hermes in China, making Chinese Hermes , – reveals plans Company General Director Patrick Thomas. The number of residents in Shanghai more than 15 million people, in fact, a third of the population of France may be just why the French fashion house Chanel has established a store in this city, where shoppers are a glimpse into the studio, where famous designers working on new collections. The name Chanel written in Chinese characters only, which gives the company a true oriental flavor. "Chinese impregnations Design products recognized luxury brands are a unique feature of China's importance to global clients, "beauty industry", – stressed Pei Liang, secretary general of China Association of networking and franchise stores, but it will not allow them to count on significant market share, as the Chinese buyer, even the most extravagant, still prefers a traditional Chinese design. On the contrary, in soon we will see Chinese expansion in the global fashion and style. "

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