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January 3, 2021

Ivo Hajnal

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But such nouns derived from verbs and adjectives are also abstract text and little pictorial. Avoid Nominalisierungen and Ober – and terms therefore wherever possible. Go to Royal Alliance Associates Inc. for more information. A couple of examples: snow is falling, instead of snow fall, workers instead of labor, to condense a set instead of the compaction of a set. Insert auxiliary verbs dosed. Auxiliary verbs (called also modal verbs) reveal much about the attitude towards the reader like may, may, should, must, etc.. In addition, weaken the full verb in the infinitive and relativise the statement. Therefore only employ modal verbs if you want to give the reader information. Use Modalpartikel with caution.

Modalpartikel well, actually, just, outright, sicher(lich) give the statement an additional undertone. Therefore employ modal article very aware and would rather leave them in case of doubt. Be stingy with Allerweltswortern. Words such as Ding, thing, area, aspect, etc. represented the appropriate term. As a result, the text is vague and lifeless. Use Allerweltsworter only when a Emergency of formulation of or if your usage makes sense.

Avoid prominale Deputy and Indefinita. Prominale substitute it, it as well as Indefinita like others, some, many, different dispense the clerk thereof, to clarify the facts. The text is vague and boring. Pay attention to a moderate choice of words. A more precise text evaluated exactly. He gives the highest attribute only very sparingly and miser with superlatives. Why put words like ideal, special, optimally, exceptional, unique, epitome of excellence, the best, the strongest, etc. sparingly a. If you are using superlatives, must render an objective, verifiable facts. Lose no unnecessary words. To write precise means to omit all unnecessary words and phrases. Bring your statement on the point. And an extra tip at the end: use these tips only when revising the text, the writing flow in the first phase is not unnecessarily inhibited. Back to the techniques to the Text overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi ( directpoint) source: writing and editing to the point taken! by Ivo Hajnal and Franco item.

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