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January 1, 2021

Jessica Hund

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So they do everything often in their Power is to prevent this. Because it fills them with such a fear and they can’t stand it, if one turns away from them, they attack often to manipulation and even sometimes to duress. But it’s often just those affected, be evacuated and suddenly solved from a relationship. This behavior seems paradoxical, but the parties concerned try this way, to avoid the threat exit are and want to protect yourself from the pain of abandonment in this way. As seen on board er liners often, that they have many intense relationships, but of short duration.” Jessica Hund says: even the black and white thinking is typical of those affected. So it often happens that they idealize others only very strongly, but refer to the smallest disappointment as bad or evil. Just no grey areas exist for them.

The causes of borderline can be varied, go back but mostly on emotional trauma, that the trust of these people deeply “has shaken: for example, they have been abused in their early childhood or have grown up without love.” Sylvia Poth leads: we want to stress that treatment should be left to only professionally trained therapists of borderline patients. We can only accompany are life advisors to the page. For the victims it is also very important that they have people who stand behind them and give them love.” Jessica Hund says: the opinions, if borderline is curable, differ. But people can learn, if they really have the will to be healthy, and are willing to work, with the help of a good therapist and love people who assist them, to deal with their feelings and find more internal support, which makes them strong.”

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