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April 26, 2013

Joan Palomeras

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We must be the change that we would get to see.Gandhi a good Manager, must be guaranteed in his leadership, which work teams to reach a good compromise of shared vision in all those goals, achievements that aims to achieve. To do so, must be attentive, that the human resource of the company is fully identified with its functions, performance to be performed, motivated, committed. considered, that the construction and maintenance of a shared vision is only a part of an activity that promotes and develops the guiding ideas that constitute the core values of the team. On the relevance and importance of ensuring a shared commitment to ensuring productivity, efficiency, there have been many opinions, for example, Joan Palomeras, exhibits, Abraham Maslow commented, that in the exceptional teams, one of the most amazing features is the vision and shared purpose. The task is no longer separate from the self but that he was identified both with the task that already cannot define the true I excluding that task.

The importance of the commitment of the members of a team is one of the main key issues for the intelligent organization. However, the commitment still is rare in both American organizations such as European, already not to mention in the Venezuelan that concerns us. According to our experience and information, rather than commitment, most often is compliance or compliance at most.On the contrary, the disobedient person, who opposes the rules and says that opposition, which occurs still in some trade union leader, often excels.The vast majority of people who constitute the contemporary organizations abide by or are limited to comply with the rules and instructions of your organization, fulfilled their obligations, respecting the vision to some extent. But they are not compromised.There is a big difference between compliance and commitment. When there is compliance is done what you can to meet the rules, functions and the goals.

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