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July 20, 2014

Keep a Positive Attitude

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I can understand that in an economic situation like the present, it is hard to be positive. I can understand that with the exponential growth in corporate defaults, whatever be positive. I can understand that with the declining level of sales of companies, we are more pessimistic. I can understand that before the freezing of wages, are, rising unemployment ,…, believe that life is a m. …. Finally, I can understand all this and more. But please, attitudes are contagious, and if faced with a complicated situation, we adopt a pessimistic attitude, the results may turn out to be apocalyptic, especially in organizations or companies.

It is for all hard to be optimistic about a situation that gets worse every minute that passes, but sometimes we are the ones that do worse. Here we should not enforce the famous Murphy’s Law, which says: “If something can go wrong will go wrong.” No sir, we must enforce the Act Dabosch: “If something can go wrong, I will do everything possible and impossible to do well.” Positive attitudes complicated situations, this is what correct. And let’s not sink or overcome by adversity. As they say, time and distance as cure almost everything. We have all suffered some heartbreak, and at that moment I thought was the worst moment of our lives, but after a few months, weeks, days and even for some hours, we sentential fortunate just being here in e world. That should be the attitude, my other Act is as follows, and I assure you it is true to a thousand percent: “If we suffer any adversity, life sure I am rewarded with something better. Everything in life happens for a reason, better believe it’s for something good, and so will be. The truth is that it is precisely in times of crisis when buying real sense CARPE DIEM appointments and Tempus Fugit, ie time passes and seize the moment.

Nothing will regret in times of difficult. But adopting a positive attitude and actively address the problems it will help us first understand the true scope of our problem, and secondly, to find the solution to the problem early. Because if something learned from pennon at school is that every problem has its solution by definition, and also you can get to it in different ways, and even some problems sometimes have different solutions. And you better keep quiet, otherwise the problem will be me, boring to everyone. So just throw a piece of advice: be positive at work, at home, in short, to life and to yourselves. Do not let yourselves be influenced by negative attitudes, but try to be contagious optimistic people and their feelings. As stated in some oriental language (Chinese or Japanese), crisis translates into opportunity.

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