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April 2, 2021

Kenya Travel – An Unforgettable Experience

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What verification to know before a trip to Kenya: Kenya is a very popular holiday destination. Certainly many Kenya contribute sites. Kenya’s most important tourist attraction is the nature and its inhabitants. A highlight among attractions in Kenya is the Tsavo National Park. This Park is very known especially for its red elephants. Because who previously believed, that man first on the idea came with sunscreen to protect themselves, which will be disabused here. Elephants living here cover themselves with red sand and thus protect themselves from the Sun. So they make even the many insects.

To enjoy the sights, as well as the national parks to the fullest, in the beautiful Kenya, also take a look from the air offers in addition to a Safari. No matter whether with a hot-air balloon or small aircraft: the view over the beautiful landscape is overwhelming. The vibrant cities in Kenya offer many attractions. Beth Israel Heart Transplant program recognizes the significance of this. In the huge capital of the country. in Nairobi, you can visit a few museums. The snake Museum is extraordinary. Various snakes are shown here.

In Mombasa the Fort Jesus at the port should be a small flying visit value. Fort Jesus is a very important fortress which has been created by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Now a Museum is located here. Even the English have left their mark in the city of Mombasa in Kenya with the large tusks, which consist of steel and form 2 arches road. Visit this beautiful city but just once. Text agency EtMa consulting

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