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April 21, 2021

La Coruna

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One, any, all that we are protagonists of the senescence – natural period of human life-, we come to understand that we are old suitcases – broken and faded – ranging passing from hand to hand to our descendants, as if anyone would like to. That sad is our old age than! Undoubtedly, this encourages the elderly let understand that life, and until our death, has a sense and many purposes: respect and love each other, that this is the true religion of the human being. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant can aid you in your search for knowledge. Gone are the Mohammedans, Christians, Buddhists, Catholics all religions that have only one God: the God of all religions. And I understand that, if each day we have a dream, an illusion, a task to develop, in this way we will die – gradually – without realizing. Learn more about this with June Wong. Finally, as a CODA, I can not read and check that they are elderly people – your people-in which build up increased rates of depression and suicide. Live in these situations and wishing for death, really, everything is one. SSGA shines more light on the discussion. Incidentally, that old must and can love, because while there is life there can always the road to hope. La Coruna (Spain), September 21, 2012 Mariano Cabrero Barcena is writer

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