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August 7, 2019


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In times in which commonly accepted it is that, to the great majority, the routes of financing of those goods are closed to us worse that we yearned for or, still, we needed with quickness, also arise other routes to make it possible. Ingenious alternatives that prosper as it is the case of leasing, more and more extended in our country. Entering us in the field of the automobiles, or by labor, familiar needs or by desire to enjoy the possibilities of certain vehicle that stops when lacking financing, leasing comes to be an option of most valid whereas he is feasible and it offers to us to choose between different end. Of this form, once our contract of leasing expires, we were with three routes: the possibility of giving back the vehicle, of having left we it in property or of proroguing the contract. Besides this flexibility, that can make us enjoy the car and think at great length, or based on the events, what to do with the vehicle, also puts at the disposal of the lovers of the world of the motor the option to be changing with relative frequency of vehicles, something that without a doubt will also be thankful for certain professional groups. Finally, it is possible to emphasize, in this sense, that every time they are plus the companies that, in view of the predicament that is having leasing in our country (although it counts on more tradition in other points of the planet), offer facilities for which they show preference for this option, which simultaneously constitutes one more a form to promote his vehicles.

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