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July 5, 2017

Limited Liability Company

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Key Features of the trading company is a limited liability company form .- origin and some of their characteristics are typical of partnerships, the partners' responsibility is limited to their contribution. – In the SRL capital is divided into equal shares, cumulative and indivisible. – – The number of members may not exceed twenty (20) and not personally liable for social obligations. – – You have a name or business objective, which must be added the words "Limited Liability Company Commercial" being able to use an alias associated with over the symbol name of inputs SRL – Contributions are made for goods or rights that are capable of being valued economically and transferred to society. – Social capital is composed of member contributions, the same is divided into shares.

– "The will of society is determined by majority agreement that determined social status. "The administration, the work of managers is similar to holding in the corporation, being two years the deadline for expiry of the liability for their actions, but this does not apply to professional responsibility is always reason to have expedited a public nature. "The share transfer by succession, is contingent on if allowed by statute, or if you have a partner who died, has first option to acquire the other partners. 6. Formation of social will. As in the partnership, the new LGS has not provided or regulated for the SRL a body that brings together social partners in order to treat matters of interest to society, nor any obligation to meet these observing certain conditions.

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