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April 14, 2018

Liquid Water Scarce And Precious

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Indian prophecy: only once the last tree is cut, only after the last river is poisoned, only after the last fish to be caught, only then will know that you can’t eat money. The way to Rosalinda must go every day is full of stone and dust. Incandescent Sun of the Guajira peninsula tells you that the morning is finishing and should hasten the trot of the donkey that travels back home after filling the bottles in which has deposited the water obtained from a nearby mill. In reality not so nearby, but for her and her family have the water three miles from your home better is that not having it anywhere as it happened before. Those were other times that is suffered even more in search of that liquid transparent, precious and scarce. In a few minutes his mom and brothers receive it with joy because they may prepare their food. The little girl will change his clothes and walk another two miles to school where classes of fourth-grade teacher receives that speaks your own language and who must walk several hours to fulfill his assignment to teach arithmetic, Spanish, science and other subjects that she will need to understand the world like her, and move forward in life. Get and transport water is part of daily life for the inhabitants of the Guajira Peninsula and, especially, for the Indians who settled in the middle and Northern parts of the same. Some are supplied in the jagueyes in where the water is murky and thick liquid containing remains of leaves, mud, bodies of small animals, seeds, sand, pieces of wood and animal and human excrement as well as oxygen and hydrogen. That potion, with a remote resemblance to the liquid, transparent and pure water consumed in other cities, will serve to prepare food and chicha and will calm the thirst of the entire family, including children and the elderly.

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