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September 21, 2023


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The magician is one arcane more Tarot, represented by the number I. Already in the same numbering that is assigned to you find part of its significance: is the number of creation and individuality. We can then infer that the magician speaks to us of the power of the individual, personal strength that each one has and creative capacity. The magician can transform the material elements to his will. Try to understand how achieves it is impossible, as their magic is a well kept secret, that only scholars and those willing to sacrifice personal may reach. The magician in tarot Chuck is a positive letter, which refers to the creative power of each individual. The magician takes nothing, represented by the fool (arcano without number), and transforms it into something.

There is no doubt that the origin of this power is divine, and we can assume that not all individuals will be able to receive such gift: that of creation. But the magician is not a magician, while the word magician makes us think in tricks, deceptions instead of realities; the power of the magician is very real. It is a fact that even the most advanced scientists still unknown much of the secrets of creation, the origin of life, and the creation of the world. So it is not silly to think of magic every time that we imagine as the infinite universe in which we live may have been created from the explosion of a single star. The magician has dominion over all aspects of life: emotion, mind, the material, the spiritual world. We can see in the arcane represented the symbol of infinity (as a lying 8).

This tells us that no situation is eternal, but that we live in a permanent cycle of replacement. The matter is not persistent, energy nor. Up to the toughest laws of physics recognize that matter and energy undergo changes cyclically. We do not exist, we are conceived, born, we grow, die and again cease to exist, and it is there where we completed the cycle. But the full power of the world, which the magician appears to handle, is unable to stop this natural cycle. When the magician appears in Chuck’s Tarot speaks of someone with power, but not delude itself. This power is limited in scope, because there is no possible opposition against the nature.

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