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February 8, 2021

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In terms such as "ready LLC" and "ready-made companies" often has different meanings. Someone buying a ready-made company involves buying already running business, and someone just does not want to mess with the documents and wants buy another dead company. Under the final firm may be understood as willing to work a business, or just a package of documents for opening a business. The confusion arises from the fact that in Russia there are still no clear-cut terms defining these concepts. In a question-answer forum Allianz Australia was the first to reply. In fact, the company is ready to just register a legal person or organization with a complete set of instruments that will conduct business and are ready to work business – it is an effective enterprise, which already brings to its owner profits, will pay all costs, but with one proviso.

Operating business can not exist, as any working business requires constant development, otherwise it will immediately be "eaten up by competitors, so the most suitable name for the operating business -" business ready for sale. The difference between finished and ready for business by the company is noticeable as soon as they sounded selling price. Buy ready Ltd. is possible for 20-30-50 thousand rubles, and the price of finished business begins with a six-figure sum. As a rule, want to buy a ready-made companies OOO persons wishing to start a business and do not wish to spend time and hassle to prepare and gather the necessary documents and the company, whose business – sales of ready LLC.

What is the best-buy ready-made companies, or Business? And, both have their advantages. For example, a novice in the business with a small start-up capital is better to buy a company with a director, and free time to spend on improving their company, market research and competitor analysis, in the case of buying businesses do not have to spend resources on "Promotion" of the organization, the purchase of equipment, furniture and other equipment, staffing, and so on. Essential "makeweight" to businesses are tried and tested client and partner base. Before buying a ready-made company, or businesses should know the reason for the sale, and to hear from the seller at least "official version". Ready firms LLC sold a number of reasons: a change of activity, loss ratio, a simple reluctance. An important point: a little worked for the firm is already the company with a history. Ready Ltd., lasted for more than one quarter, should give the tax, PF, FSS reports on the conduct of its activities and the buyer should ask about the existence of such reports and to find out the remaining moments, such as status of account. Ready the same business may be sold because once again its reluctance to engage in the organization, loss of customers, disputes with partners, change activities, etc. In any case the sale and purchase of businesses and company firmly found their niche in the market of business services and focuses on a wide range of businesses, both novices and "shark business." When using Materials Article rights reserved.

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