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April 3, 2021

Meditation Perception

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Excerpts from the spiritual advisor / storybook Deus Homo.Kaptel: meditation Rainer Sauer author of Deus Homo / you and me / you and I of II / meditation meditation is for me a look at the inner and outer world. It is both a perceiving of the coarse and subtle phenomena, the everyday and the wondrous. As well as a sights and inner experience of existence of all existing and seemingly non-existent phenomena. A looking, proportional opens a window to eternity us to the slowness, inner peace, in which we find ourselves during meditation, which reunited all seem separate. Just to the extent as we deal with the slowness and may follow up to the unconditional halt of all linear tides, the ultimate time window will open then us, where, it is only once openly meet to eternity and absolute simultaneity. And we will learn also a reverse incorporation into the ur source of life and knowledge and connections to the origin of all existing. In We have contact with the eternity of the slowness, in this respect, we can say: in the quiet we are approaching the unit.

Our meditation is faster, we walk through time or even through time to escape, so coarse or our perception of the world is so materialistic, and their appearances and we go therefore into the illusory world of the separation. Meditation is perception, which actually always takes place for us as profoundly perceptive being and which differs only by the differentiated specification of the perceived. Sometimes, we see just the limit and sometimes the infinity. Sometimes we are fascinated and another time starting from the moment of eternity. We deal with light and shadow, we learn love and fear, unity and individuality, and see how everything is and again passes in this continually-existing existence meditation. Additional information is available at Wall Street. As we now may perceive the considered by us, is particularly dependent on our life speed, is mainly determined by the pace of our life, our watched images individually coloured.

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