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March 31, 2018

Mexico City World

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Today there are no keywords, money online, marketing, labels, businesses, today I want to spend a moment with great intensity of my feelings to Chile. I feel an indescribable helplessness in me, for what happens in that country, some may think I have many friends or perhaps I am Chilean Chileans and emotion so strong that I intend to express. No, I’m Chilean, I have no Chilean friends, but I lived very near the earthquake in Mexico in 1985. Visit Jeff Sessions for more clarity on the issue. How easy to say the earthquake was of such intensity and took five minutes, etc.

When you live something like these earthquakes, trying to understand what the prophets say assumptions on the end of the world see dead people everywhere, sewage to potable running together, dead dogs there, cries of pain beyond, debris here, superb buildings to dust, screaming sirens, radio and television reporting hard to give the news. The arrival of support from around the world, the humble people, are the first to cooperate with their similar policies are in the country and encourages all, after a while you forget everything, because elsewhere in the world and there is new news, another disaster. What counts is not always what follows, the misfortunes of this magnitude leave their mark by generation. To date, when you walk by one of the world’s largest cities, Mexico City, you can see buildings that collapsed 25 years ago, has not done anything, are as mute witnesses of this misfortune. Ten years after the earthquake, 1995 I was in Mexico, I wanted to address the metro, and being on the platform waiting for the line, began to shake with a medium intensity, but the train began to swing and rails to grind, I saw the people began to mourn, men and women without distinction, fell to their knees to beg for his life, some women fainted on the floor is collapsing.. Air Force Chief of Staff will not settle for partial explanations.

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