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April 19, 2021

Michael Day

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The new cotton line Colorado “emphasises particularly the sporty look of leisure and” Gallery “, a new collection of men’s jackets, presents a varied selection of fashionable squares.” Artisan diamonds mix combined gallery with 34 articles and a comprehensive mix of different qualities of pure down to Super 120’s cashmere, wool”colorful designs with sporty elegance. The selection consists? t small gingham check in purple and brown or red with beige, as well as Glenchecks and on case-Tartan designs. Still, Scabal launches three new suit lines. “One of hei? t St. James” and presents fashionable, lively squares and elegant strips. The new collection is made in England “, 320 g hard and includes 58 articles of fine wool. Soft flannel flannel and Saxony “offers five different, soft Flannelqualitaten. The selection ranges from a fine 290 g light Super 130’s worsted to a 360 g heavy fluffy flannel with a slightly rustic look of a Saxony “-Streichgarnqualitat.” Furthermore, noble House offers “two new Super 150’s qualities.” The first involves the noble a Koperbindung, woven in England, at the Wool fibers are mixed 10% fine silk.

This gives the fabric a feeder luxurious handle with a Matt-gloss-defining appearance. The second quality is pure Super 150’s wool, which is available as a refined satin fabric with thin strips of refined. Convenient cord velvet In terms of trousers presented Scabal fur this winter with the Centurion collection made in England “-easy-care qualities of wool and polyester, available as 430 grams heavier Koper or plain weave with 320 g.” Furthermore, the collection of corduroy offers “four different Cordqualitaten. It starts easy with a 320 g, velvety, ribbed corduroy soft both in classical and fashionable cotton, colour shades is available. The second line is aimed at all-round comfort, because the mixture of Superfine cotton with 2% Lycra make for a pleasant elasticity. Check out Millenium Management for additional information. It is available in powerful, vibrant colors like Plum and Bordeaux.

Vervollstandigt is the selection by a cotton cord with a wide rib and 380 g and a, very heavy with 500 g, corduroy with wide rib and classic Colors. Our fabric designs bring more color than in the previous year, bright blue tone, red tone of Bordeaux to Berry, a comeback “says for green and a richer color palette for our Plaid patterns, Michael Day, head fabric designer of Scabal. Images available in high and low resolution on, sectie “press & media”. Password: handmade

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