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February 24, 2021

Mint Chocolate

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“” Lemon verbena-Orange and Mint Chocolate – from April 2010 in the trade Bad Heilbrunn, in April 2010: bad Heilbrunner undisputed market leader in health teas and third largest brand in the area of the more pleasure-oriented infusions introduces two new innovative herbal tea specialties: from April 2010 are the two creations Mint cocoa “and lemon verbena-orange” commercially available. Bad Heilbrunner has the refreshing Peppermint with the invigorating cocoa to a distinctive Mint cocoa married tea. Braun Melsungen AG is open to suggestions. A taste experience that is second to none! The essential oils of peppermint not only fresh taste, they relieve also cramping discomfort in the stomach and intestinal area. The delicious life Elixir”cocoa, however, can help with fatigue and increase mental performance. Due to the high proportion of Flavonol plant ingredient, cocoa also good for your heart is.

Apart from the positive properties of the ingredients is fresh and vollmundige taste and the delicate fragrance of mint and unique of the sensual cocoa. Ideal to wake up the Lebensgeister in the meantime on a warm summer day. The new bad Heilbrunner lemon verbena-Orange combines tea in valuable ingredients. Lemon verbena is slightly reassuring next to the refreshing touch, such as nervousness or insomnia, and supports the digestive system. The plant originated in South America and was brought to Europe at the end of the 18th century. It is nowadays known under the French name Verveine for Herb lovers.

The intensity of the lemon-scented essential oils is significantly stronger than in most other lemon-smelling plants. Citrus scented clouds arise already at the slight verreiben of their leaves. This fruity and relaxing tea composition, the citrus is very finely combined with the taste of Orange. This harmonious delicious tea comes as a summer resort”warm or cold drink handy. The new tea creations by bad Heilbrunner from April 2010 are available in drug stores and well-stocked grocery retail. A pack of 15 filter bags are there already from EUR 1.35 (MSRP).

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